Does the time of day affect our ability to learn?

I had always thought of myself as a morning person. When I got to college, I made sure to schedule all my classes to start as early as possible and to finish by about 3 in the afternoon. Therefore, I was quite irate when my schedule thi--- Continue reading

How to Study in Groups

When I was in middle school, I was never allowed to go to study groups, the single reason being that my parents thought that I would not actually be able to get any studying accomplished. I found this to be true when during high school, my --- Continue reading

Does reading out loud cause you to remember things better?

We have previously written about how, when learning a new language, it is crucial to speak out loud in addition reading from a textbook. We have always emphasized reading, and even singing, as good tools for improving one’s accent and f--- Continue reading

Travel guidebooks as language instructors

When people voyage to foreign countries, many times they bring guidebooks with them not only to get an idea of what to see, but also for the little section that’s always present at the back of the book. Vocabulary in the country’s langu--- Continue reading