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8 Must-Have Phrases for Traveling in Spanish-Speaking Countries

Whether you're traveling to Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, or Peru, knowing some Spanish phrases will be handy. (Using your hands to mime what you want would also literally be handy, but I digress.) There are some things you'll almost definit--- Continue reading

Why You Learn Best in the Zone of Proximal Development

This post was written by Ellen Newman, an adjunct professor of psychology at IE University in Spain. A veteran student and teacher of psychology, having earned a BA in the field from Harvard and a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Michi--- Continue reading

Think Study Abroad Will Make You Fluent?… Not So Fast!

This article is written by Annie de Saussure, who is a PhD candidate in French at Yale University and a study abroad junkie. She has spent a combined total of almost seven years studying and living in France and completed her undergraduat--- Continue reading

How Brainscape will change the way you teach French with technology

If you're a French teacher at the middle school, high school or college level and you're looking to teach with innovative technology, then you've come to the right place! Have you checked out Brainscape’s French Sentence Builder? If you--- Continue reading

What’s New at Brainscape?

At Brainscape, we're always improving our product based on our users' feedback.  We've accomplished a lot over the past few months: New Design "Browse Mode" More reliable sync process Card Bookmarking Easier navigation And w--- Continue reading

Apple is now making 20-year bets. It has to.

Over the past few years, Apple haters have delighted in the fact that the company has not released a major new product line since the iPad.  “Apple can’t innovate without Steve Jobs,” the mantra goes.  “They’re dying.” Yet re--- Continue reading

Brainscape Is The Thread That Holds Your Learning Together For Life

America’s current education technology ecosystem suffers a tremendous weakness: Students are constantly forced to switch between learning platforms nearly every year, as they progress through K-12, college, and graduate school.  At the b--- Continue reading

How Google Glass could transform education (and Brainscape)

For weeks now, tech news pundits have been speculating about all the possible uses of Google Glass in the real world.  Topping the list seem to be (1) utility apps such as text messaging, video, and navigation; (2) novelty apps such as gam--- Continue reading