On Screen with Brian Hughes – Dir. of Social Media at EdLab

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Brian Hughes - Dir. of Social Media at EdLab

Brian Hughes is the Director of Social Media at Columbia University’s EdLab.  He and his colleagues see a coming shift toward online “learning networks” to fit diverse educational niches.  Two current EdLab projects, Vialogues and Pressible, are already gaining decent traction and paving the way for future innovations in the field.  I sat down with Brian this afternoon to discuss learning networks, the future of library services, and the evolution of education technology in general.

Check out more about Brian’s work and EdLab projects in the video below, and be sure to tell him what you think!

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Michelle 8 years ago

The idea of a learning network is so cool! Libraries are amazing spaces that people traditionally use to get books, study, etc...but turning it into a physical and a virtual learning community takes the entire purpose of a library to a different level. I like the fact that he states that it is not a social community. It is a learning community that is trying to open up space for people to be in, which is so essential as it will call people to libraries rather than push them to do everything online. Amazing!

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