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As an avid lover of la langue française, I am a huge fan of finding all things French related. Brainscape’s top rated French Vocabulary and French Verb Conjugations apps have helped thousands of learners improve French, but it’s always great to look into supplementary study materials.

That was why I jumped on the opportunity to review the massive body of popular French language learning YouTube channels. YouTube is a huge resource for learning about many different things, languages included.

Here are the Top 10 French YouTube channels I found (you can find the top Spanish YouTube channels here): With 14,988 subscribers, this channel has a lot of videos, 49,685 to be exact. They’re all on different things, quizzes, vocabulary, grammar, but some of them are ridiculous. This channel has a video of 20,000 vocabulary words, running over 13 hours in length. .

2. jremy7: Jremy7 gives “Basic French lessons”, explaining the intricacies of the French language to the viewer. I like the shortness of the lessons, which are 4 -10 minutes each, and it helps that he pronounces everything Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanishcorrectly. In some lessons he even uses a white board to write things out.

3. Learn French: has short videos of vocabulary words and random phrases followed by a short quiz on the lesson. It’s in a radio talk show format structured around everyday dialogues presented by a native French speaker and a native English speaker. They also have an entire website that has more resources; however, though they advertise it as free, there are fees that pop up here and there. I would just stick to their videos.

4. This channel is much less structured with no themes and follows no logical order as it jumps from pronouns to conjugating random “-er” verbs. It is presented in a very simple format so that there are no distracting pictures or colors anywhere.

5. lsfrnch: The channel is for people who like reading PowerPoints. In most of the lessons, there are pages with all the words written up as the speaker, in a thick French accent, reads the words while highlighting them irritatingly with his mouse.

6. thefrenchguy3000: This is a hilarious channel led by a guy who is NOT in fact French. The combination of him trying to be cool, his French with a weird twang, plus his random anecdotes makes it a very Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanishamusing experience from which you can still learn something. If anything, check this guy out because as he says in the video “Anyone Can speak French (2) “la plage”‘: “I truly believe in my heart of hearts that anyone can speak French.” His enthusiasm is breathtaking.

7. French by Phone: teaches with this sweet French woman named Jacqueline who instructs almost completely in French with English subtitles here and there. One thing that must be noted is that while this is a popular channel, she does not go over basic grammar and vocabulary. So if you are lost, it might be better to go to another channel so you can learn those rules before coming here.

8. Learn a Language by learnalanguage: I question why this channel is one of the more popular channels. Steven, who is the teacher, speaks softly and slightly unclearly at times, and teaches grammar and vocabulary, followed by a sentence construction. I only wish he had some visuals on the screen rather than just the lesson number

These last two are general language channels very helpful all the same!

9. Learn Languages: The accent of the teacher is not very good but the lessons start with general conversation. Words are introduced then followed by a mini-test. It goes kind of fast but, you are encouraged to write the words down, not just speak them. What I like about this channel is that the videos are divided into different themes AND the teacher usually always does a recap of the previous lesson. Not bad!

10. The Radio Lingua Network: On this channel, CoffeeBreak French!, the user learns with Anna, the student, who is instructed by Mark, the teacher. This duo is so enthusiastic and helpful as they situate each lesson in different parts of Paris, that you can’t help but feel that you are undertaking a foreign journey with them.

These are just YouTube channels that I’ve gathered, so if you know of any other channels, feel free to comment and let us know about it!

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Carlos Eduardo Lima 2 months ago

Another option is this online french course I did and enjoyed!

LoveLearningFrench 2 months ago

People are turning more and more to YouTube for language learning. If you have a really experienced and knowledgable teacher it helps so much!

North American Language Academ 4 months ago

Yeah! putting a tutorial video is a really effective way of learning fast.
but how about this ..
you will be the one making your own channel and subscribed by all .. ;)
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martina 4 months ago

Nowadays learning new languages is useful for everyone. I would like to be learning foreign languages. I have read your blog. Its really motivated me..

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