How to Create and Study Your OWN Brainscape Decks

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Did you know you can create your own cards and study them on your iPhone from the Brainscape Portal app? It’s very simple to get started. Here are step by step instructions on creating and downloading your Brainscape flashcards!

1. Sign In (or Sign Up) to your Brainscape account ONLINE

2. Open the Create screen (the link is in menu bar).

3. Select “Create Deck” if you’d like to create a single deck (amino acids). Select “Create Subject” if you’d like to create a subject in which you’ll organize and create decks (Subject: “Biochemistry”; Deck: “amino acids”)

4. Fill out the Subject/Deck information and start creating cards! There are three ways to create cards: a) Standard Create, you can create and edit/format/add audio and images one card at a time; b) Quick Create, where you can type the question and answer sides of cards very quickly; c) Import Cards from a .csv instantly!

5. Go back to your iPhone/iTouch and open the Brainscape Portal app. Log in with your Brainscape user information. The app will start syncing your Brainscape library with the app. All of your subjects should now appear in your Brainscape Portal app Library.

6. You can then go in to each subject and download all the cards for the subject, or only the cards for a particular deck. You will know that a deck is ready to study if you see the progress bar under its title.

7. Once you’ve downloaded your cards, you are now ready to start studying!

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Amy Calkins 5 years ago

Can I add cards to a deck I've created in the past? I see I can delete cards but not add new ones.

Joysa@Brainscape 5 years ago

Hi Amy,

Yes, you can create and add more cards to your self-created decks. On the website, just click the 'gear' icon next to the deck name and choose 'Edit Cards'. From there, you should be able to add more cards to your deck.

If you're using the app (given that you have a simple deck, decks not created in advanced editor), just tap the deck you want to edit, then choose 'Edit Deck'. From there, you should see the options to add new cards to the deck.

Hope this helps! If you're having issues on this or have any other questions, just let us know!


Oleg Agafonov 4 years ago

Is it possible to customize decks which already exist. E.g I would like to add custom images and sentences to Spanish vocabulary decks, is it possible?

Joysa@Brainscape 4 years ago

Hi Oleg,

Unfortunately, we cannot edit or update any of our premium contents or those cards created by other users. You can only customize your self-created decks. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have any other questions, let me know.


Merjul Nápoles 4 years ago

I'm trying to upload images to my cards, but I can't. Even though I'm on the website editor I see the image and sound icons but when I click on them nothing happens. I have tried different browsers and even on my ipad and I have the same issue. Can you please advise?

Joysa@Brainscape 4 years ago

Hi Merjul,

Thanks for reaching out to us! You should be on the website to add images to your cards (requires PRO subscription). Please see below steps:

-- When you're inside the 'edit screen' (basic editor), you should be able to see the 'Switch to Advanced Editor' option at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

-- Once switched to advanced editor, you should see the option to attach an image at the bottom of each card.

If you're inside the advanced editor and are still having issues, please send us an email with your screenshot at so we can see what's going on on your end. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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