Spanish Teacher? Using Spanish Sentence Builder?

Modified on by Amanda Moritz-Saladino

Spanish Teachers using Learn Spanish

Are you a Spanish teacher or tutor using Brainscape’s Spanish Sentence Builder? Are you interested in speaking with Brainscape Founder and CEO, Andrew Cohen, about your experience with Brainscape? We’d love to talk!

We are looking for Spanish teachers and tutors who or would like to use, or would like to use Brainscape with their students. Teachers using Spanish Sentence Builder can communicate and work directly with Andrew to set up Brainscape Spanish with their students and help us better improve Brainscape for all students and teachers.

If you would like to get to Brainscape’s founder and find out more about Brainscape Spanish Sentence Builder, please send an email to community manager, Amanda Moritz: amoritz [at] with School name and grade that you teach.

Brainscape is looking forward to working with you!


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