Video of the Week: The Learning Revolution

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The Learning Revolution

Sir Ken Robinson’s speeches on learning and education systems are often among the most popular talks posted on TED. In the past, we’ve posted two videos of him talking about language learning and creativity on our own blog. This time, Robinson speaks out on a topic that concerns us at Brainscape very closely. In his very well structured analysis of the state of learning and the education system today, he makes this point: Like all things, our approach to teaching and learning has to change.

The Learning Revolution

Now more than ever, we need less standardization and more personalized learning. Different people have different strengths and abilities, which is something that should be recognized by and implemented in education institutes and their teaching strategies. The 21st century and its numerous inventions and revolutions make this very easy.

For every teacher that is looking for a new and innovative way to engage their students, there is some form of learning program or application that will suit their needs and expectations. Brainscape is in fact building on this form of collaboration between providers of new learning solutions and teachers to further and change students’ approach to learning. By expanding our range, we hope to be able to reach those who want to learn but are still missing the right tools to actually start learning. And with every student that finds the right personalized learning solution for themselves, Ted Robinson’s wish for a learning revolution moves one step further ahead.

Bring on the Learning Revolution!


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S00128077 4 years ago

As a person coming into the treaching profession from another industry I couldn't agree more. The linear approach is producing an attitude of " i can survive with this" as opposed to I truely love what I do. Perhaps with an organic aproach to education we can produce happy people in our society rather than robotic productions of an idustrial model.

Billy The Barber 3 years ago

Good listening to your views Ken ;o) Much Respects ;o) Peace & Love

Greg Alongi 4 years ago

Couldn't agree more - this might be the most important topic in education.

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