Video of the Week: A History of Cognitive Science in 3 Minutes

Modified on by Amanda Moritz-Saladino

cognitive science history

This week’s video is a hilarious music video running through the main influencers and discoveries of cognitive science starting with Aristotle and ending with present day superstars in the field, all to the tune of Billy Joel’s We didn’t start the fire. Take three minutes and see how many of the names your recognize. Enjoy!

We didn’t start the scanner – but we’ve strong attraction to that big contraption.
Get inside the magnet… we need activations for our publications

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Deane 3 years ago

That warrants watching a few times to catch all the references. Very clever! 

Amanda Moritz 3 years ago

yes, we love this video. the creators were pretty clever with their images.
Amanda Moritz

Alan Smith Nme Wv 3 years ago

What's not to like! Loved it.

Amanda Moritz 3 years ago


Bevjsage 3 years ago

Brilliant synopsis

Amanda Moritz 3 years ago

We love this song!

Duck 4 years ago


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