Video of the Week: The Cockroach Beatbox

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The cockroach beatbox video

This week’s featured video revolves around one of the most important questions for any brain scientist (and those who want to become one): How does the brain work? In a recent talk, TED Fellow and neuroscientist Greg Gage tackled this subject – with a very special touch. What makes this video particularly entertaining and the concept so easy to understand is the fact that his target audience is a group of school-aged children.

As Gage dissects a cockroach live on stage and demonstrates the functioning of it’s brain and nervous system, the crowd is in awe. They are obviously impressed and captivated by his experiment, as it has all the necessary ingredients for success: a yucky cockroach, cool beatboxing and an awesome, fun to watch result. We bring you, the Cockroach Beatbox. Do you get neuroscience now?

Cockroach Beatbox

Check out the original Cockroach Beatbox video on YouTube. You may have to click through to to view the full talk. It’s well worth it!

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