5 Apps That Help Improve Memory and Overall Cognition

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Games can improve memory

Guest Post by Genevieve Coates:

Just as the human body’s functions begin to slow as we get older, our mental processes decline in a similar fashion. Imagine that!

It’s something we see every day in our daily routines. Where’d I leave my keys? When is that conference? What’s that word…? But, like with any other muscle in the human body, a little exercise, repetition and practice, can improve those mental processes that are starting to slack.

Brain training is no longer a chore with these five apps (listed in no particular order).

Brain Trainer – iOS

Brain Trainer is one of the most popular mobile brain trainers around for the iPhone and iPad (it looks really good on the iPad). It features 10 different games designed to improve your cognitive abilities, including memory, processing speed, attention, mental flexibility, and problem solving. It takes just a few minutes each day to complete a session, with 35 total sessions. All you need to do is complete one session per day to make your way to better overall brain health.

Portrait Health Brain Teasers – iOS

Portable Health Brain Teasers by Healthy Life Labs tests you in five areas: word skills, critical thinking, memory, visual perception and coordination. This app rolls out new updates regularly, so when you get through the initial tests, you can continue to turn that brain age around.

Memory Trainer – Android

Memory Trainer is one of the most popular and effective brain training apps on the Android market. After T-Mobile dropped the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I picked mine up, I downloaded this one immediately. With fun exercises, this app works out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills. It also boasts “N-back,” which is a continuous performance task that has been proven to increase fluid intelligence.

Brain WorkoutAndroid

Brain Workout has the most colorful interface of any of the apps on this list, bringing back memories of similar games that were popular when we were children. But don’t let that fool you – This app has four games that are sure to sharpen your brain, tracking your memory, concentration, reaction and accuracy abilities.


Brainscape is unique in that it’s not a series of games that help improve cognition and memory. It helps users learn specific subject matter, optimizing their study time, and it’s not only on the web. Brainscape has a mobile app that reflects the same education platform used on the web, helping users learn any subject as efficiently as possible. I could have used this for my GRE Vocabulary test… And, as you’ve come to expect from Brainscape, it’s based on solid cognitive science.

So, go! Become the sharpest tool in the shed!


Brainscape is a web & mobile education platform that helps you learn anything faster, using cognitive science. Join the millions of students, teachers, language learners, test-takers, and corporate trainees who are doubling their learning results. Visit brainscape.com or find us on the App Store .


Clare 4 years ago

Cool apps. Brainscape is super effective for me, and I'll be sure to give the others a shot.

Katie Nunley 4 years ago

I struggled to organize my my flashcards before I came across Brainscape in the ios app store. Brainscape helps me a lot because it organizes the flashcards for me, and I never have to wonder if I missed one. It is also convenient because I do not have to worry about transporting a large deck of flashcards to the library. I can study anywhere because all my material is on my phone!

tonsIbsengay 4 years ago

Hey Memory loss problems are very common. An intersting web site about this condition is: memory solution it really helped me Good Bye

Noel 4 years ago

I created an app called know the globe which helps you to remember the location and name of the countries and capitals of the world. www.hippofy.com

juansanchez 5 years ago

Very nice apps. I play Memic. This app lets you train your iconic memory. It's simple but challenging:


Thinkersed.com 6 years ago

Very nice apps. Is this apps available in Android and IPhones? If available than this will help many people to improve memory and cognition.

Amanda Moritz 6 years ago

Hi Thinkersed.com,

You can see if the apps are available for Andrew or iPhone (iOS) in the article next to each app's name. let us know if you try any of them out and what you think!


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