How do you identify a Kinesthetic Learner? Part 3 of 4 – Learning Styles

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Kinesthetic Learners

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”  ~ Ignacio Estrada

Do you ever get motion sickness while watching your Student stand, then sit, then spin, then rotate, then flip…all while completing an assignment?  Do you have a Student who doesn’t “get it” until they actually “do it”?  Then you probably have a Kinesthetic Learner.

At Ultimate Music Theory, we recognize four Learning Styles – the “VAKS” – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (Tactile), and Special Needs Learning Styles.

Kinesthetic Learners have great hand-eye coordination.  They love experimenting and are good at sports, drama and the arts.  Their high levels of energy will make for a fun lesson time.

Kinesthetic Learners

A Kinesthetic Learner will enjoy playing music at different pitches on the keyboard (high or low) AND using different articulation (staccato or legato).  This creates a musical outlet for their need to experiment!

The UMT-Brainscape Flashcards work hand in hand with The Ultimate Music Theory Workbook Series, and work with students of all Learning Styles.

When using the UMT Workbooks, you may have noticed that there are no “empty white spaces” in any of the Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks or Exam Series Books.  That is because the Kinesthetic Learner likes to doodle in empty spaces.  An empty space is a distraction, so we don’t have any!

How do you identify a Kinesthetic Learner?

Kinesthetic Learners (also referred to as Tactile Learners) learn through “hands on” experience.  They learn best through touching, creating, movement and experiencing things.  They learn best by doing rather than just watching or listening.  A Kinesthetic Learner benefits from touch, such as when they point as they are reading or when they use their fingers to count.

That’s why the UMT-Brainscape Flashcards are so successful with Kinesthetic Learners as they INTERACT and take part in connecting physically with the Flashcards.

Want to learn more about Learning Styles?  What words do Kinesthetic Learners use to communicate?  How do they talk?  How do they learn best?  To get the answers to these questions and more…

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