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This guest post comes from our friend Alice Morell, who is a professional musician, dancer, and blogger at My Music Box.  You can find Alice on Twitter @AliceMorell.

Music is all about spectacle, no matter what culture you’re in.  It pushes boundaries, changes perceptions, and challenges the status quo. The best music makes us think, makes us feel, and reminds us that the way things are is not the way things always have to be. It speaks to some of our more basic instincts, and the part of us that refuses to be just another copy of the cultural standard.  These elements are vitally important in any culture, keeping it evolving and flexible, and helping to prevent cultural stagnation.   All of these elements of music are put forth to the listener through the artist’s voice.

Language finds its ultimate expression through music, where emotion and vitality are transmitted through the power of the singer’s voice.  It’s an aspect of culture that is with us from the very beginning, when we first start learning the alphabet, and carries on with us through all aspects of learning language. Most everyone, at some time in their lives, has had to write poetry in school, and it is a hallmark of the angsty teenager to write poems expressing this time of change. In the case of Lady Gaga, she used it to challenge the world to tell her to change, just so she could spit in its eye.

Learning a Foreign Language Through Music

Popular Songs Use Repetition and Catchy Hooks to Help You Learn

The first song we’ll be working with today speaks of a woman who isn’t letting you know what she’s thinking, and is using that to her advantage.  Part of Lady Gaga’s image in the musical culture, is an element of flowing mystery.  Is she really this wild?  Is she just doing it for attention?  Does she have an agenda?  You’ll never know, because no one is as skilled at keeping their “Poker Face” as Lady Gaga.  This song is fun to sing, and has an upbeat rhythm that will keep you singing along as you learn English with Lady Gaga.  It’s decidedly repetitive, emphasizing the creative use of certain phonemes (the base sound structures of language) during the chorus.

The second song carries with it an important lesson that’s central to Lady Gaga’s image and the songs she writes that emphasize her personal view of life.   Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where everything is trying to go wrong, or people are trying to turn you into something you’re not.  In the face of these circumstances, don’t succumb to it, instead “Just Dance!”  Some of the best elements of this song are the quick stops where it lets a word hang, emphasizing it to aid in memory.  The majority of the words are incredibly clear, with a few sections where it speeds up.  This will aid you in recognizing English words in cases where it may not be exactly clear, but overall this is an excellent song to learn from!

Following this theme in her music, the next song we’ll be talking about emphasizes how it’s not necessary to be like everyone else, and how we’re all different.   There is a strong message in this tone that everyone is alright just the way they are, because the world is made beautiful by precious variety.  In the end, be proud of who you are, and don’t be afraid to be different, you were just “Born This Way!” This song is a bit challenging with its driving beat and somewhat faster pace, but with practice it’ll come much easier to you!

The path to speaking a language like a native is a long and arduous one, but artists like Lady Gaga can make learning it ever so much more fun.  So pick up the language, meet the challenge, and express yourself, in English! Learning English is a lot easier with music.

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Romane Robinson 9 months ago

I think this is an interesting look at what Lady Gaga's songs can do from a learning perspective. At surface value, one would write her songs off as very "poppish", catchy, and makes use of simple words we commonly use. A second look, as you suggest, says more where emphasizing phonetic sounds in the chorus and enunciating makes her music as a learning tool for English. It's very interesting, really. As a native English speaker, I wonder how much of the Korean language English-speaking people absorbed with PSY's Gangnam Style song.

Elizabeth Gjersvik 9 months ago

I think music provides a major key to easy learning that hasn't really been explored yet. Lady Gaga's songs, as well as many others, can be regurgitated without consciously thinking about the lyrics or the melody; often times people need to sing through a song before they remember its title, or can thoughtlessly sing along to a song they haven't heard in years. What is it about music that taps into listeners' learning abilities and easy recall?

Mel Bradley 9 months ago

Like Elizabeth, I'm interested in how music leads to faster memorization and better recall. Can we tap into this somehow in education? Would tapping into it take the fun out of music?

Julia Smith 4 months ago

Learning a new language effortlessly can be a unique experience for the learners, as it takes lots of patience and hard work to get adopted with an acquired language.

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Julia Smith 4 months ago

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Maria Smith 3 months ago

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Maria Smith 4 months ago

I think speaking a language is as important as writing it, or in whatever you do, do your best. Although it may take time to perfect speaking English, it is best to try it without the "bahala na" way of thinking.

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jayennoa 5 months ago

its how music is like to talk about it'

Diego 10 months ago

Hi Alice,
Good article, Lady Gaga is not my music taste, but the lyrics really are too good and it says us about many things of our lives. Thanks for sharing. Could you exploring more these lyrics?

Fred 10 months ago

I go gaga for cocoa puffs!

Izmeister 11 months ago

great article - not a fan of Gaga, however I can't deny those songs are catchy :p

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