3 Weird Tricks for a Bigger Online Flashcards Deck

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Have you ever felt insecure about the size of your flashcard deck?  Worried that people might judge you for the depth of your content?  Don’t despair.  Not everyone is so well-endowed.

Thankfully, Brainscape has some tips that can help you dramatically increase the girth of your online flashcards stack, in as little as one week.  Follow these tips when you make your own flashcards and your classmates will be begging for you to share your deck with them. 

3 Tricks for a Bigger Online Flashcards Deck

  1. Upload a CSV.  When manually creating flashcards in a web browser becomes too tedious, Brainscape the best flashcards app makes it easy for you to upload a two-column .csv file directly created in Excel, Numbers, or OpenOffice.  You can go from a dinky dozen-card deck to a hundred-flashcard deck in a matter of seconds!
  2. Break complex cards into shorter flashcards.  If you find that some of your online flashcards are becoming too long, you might be putting too much information on each one.  Chopping your content into more, smaller flashcards can both increase the size of your deck and make it easier for you (and your classmates) to study.
  3. Invite collaborators.  Brainscape makes it easy to create a study group with multiple editors, who can each contribute new flashcards from either our website or their mobile device.  The more eyeballs refining your content, the stronger it will become. Social learning is more fun!

These tips should help you create larger, stronger, more sustainable flashcard decks for nearly any subject that you are studying.  But remember, some smaller, easier subjects simply don’t require that many online flashcards at all.  For those, it’s not the size of the deck that counts, but how you use it.

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