MUST-SEE Video for anyone who has ever known a nerd

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Ever known a nerd?

Have you ever known a nerd? Remember when being called a “nerd” or a “geek” was an insult?  Those days are long gone. Nerd is now the new cool!

From Napoleon Dynamite to Silicon Valley’s top tech startup founders, geeks are becoming the new celebrities. Enrollments in Computer Science degree programs are at an all-time high. And just about everyone has at least one passion where they exclaim “I’m such a ____ nerd.”

As a tribute to all the nerds out there who may have felt harassed or belittled at one point or another, Brainscape has put together a powerful, funny, emotional video about the triumph of these nerd heroes from our popular culture. Please share this with anyone who you think would enjoy it! (Preferably with the hashtag #BrainsWin)

Thanks as always for your support. Let’s remind the world that being a nerd is AWESOME!

Happy ‘scaping

Andrew Cohen
Founder & CEO

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