Brainscape Launches USMLE Prep Flashcards!

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After many years of requests from our massive community of med student users, Brainscape is proud to announce the launch of our first premium set of USMLE flashcards! We’ve partnered with MDVersity to launch a set of nearly 10,000 well organized, web & mobile test prep flashcards, starting with Step 1.

Get USMLE Step 1 Flashcards
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This product will double your study efficiency and dramatically increase your knowledge on all the background vocabulary, anatomical diagrams, and physiological processes that you need to know to answer the difficult questions on the USMLE Step 1 exam.

As with all other flashcards in Brainscape, our USMLE prep product uses our groundbreaking cognitive science hack called Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR). Its secret is the pattern in which it repeats concepts in the optimal pattern for your brain, based on your self-reported confidence on a 1-5 scale. It has helped millions of top students around the world have used Brainscape’s system to ace hundreds of exams, and now you can use it to ace the USMLE.

Remember that you can easily study these USMLE flashcards online or in Brainscape’s iPhone app or Android app. It is the perfect way to sneak bite-sized study sessions into small breaks throughout your day.

So get started today with USMLE Step 1 Flashcards by Brainscape & MDVersity and best of luck in your studies!

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