You can now earn Pro credits from your flashcards in Brainscape

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Brainscape is proud to announce a major change to our flashcard platform:  We are now allowing authors of flashcards to earn Pro credits from the content that they have created!

From now on, any user who simply “discovers” your subject (on the website or in the mobile app) will only be able to demo one deck of your flashcards for free.  To “unlock” the rest of your flashcards, they will need to upgrade to Brainscape Pro.

You will earn a free month of Pro (for you or a friend) for every referral who purchases a Pro upgrade.  To redeem, simply email us at to let us know the account where you’d like to apply your Pro credit, and when you’d like it to start.

[IMPORTANT: If you still want to share your flashcards for free, then please be sure to use the Share button on the main screen for your subject, in the Learners section.  Otherwise, simply “discovering” your flashcards on the market may cause users to hit a paywall.]

Remember that you can easily track your referrals and their upgrade status by visiting your Signup Referrals dashboard.

BONUS:  If you are particularly proud of your flashcards and interested in doing some work to promote them, then there may some added financial incentives for you.  Please fill out the Brainscape Reps form and we will send you additional info.

We look forward to rewarding our best content creators, and we thank you as always for your continued support!

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mansi desai 1 year ago

i am also using this module this is very great for us and this is very nice ,
so thanks for this posting ,


mansi desai

Wong Seng Kwong Stephen 1 year ago

how do I start earning pro credits ? show me.

qwertyalguien 1 year ago

I'm sorry, but this has been extremelly poorly implemented. The app is unusable. Old decks are by default only demos, so a lot of good old ones are now dead.
You escentially killed the app for many of us. I already know of a few docens who had to stop using it because all decks now require pro.
It's your decision at the end of the day, but it's a very poor one.

Andrew Cohen 1 year ago

This update should not have caused existing flashcards to suddenly get locked for you! We specifically 'grandfathered' anyone who had already joined the class before the paywall was implemented. If you are getting locked out, please contact us to resolve the issue.

Either way, it is not true that "all decks require Pro". You can still share with friends, classmates, or your entire school or company for FREE. The creator simply has to invite you by giving you their invite link.

Apologies if there were any confusions about the update.

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