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Brainscape Class Screen (French)

Over the past few weeks, you have likely seen some positive changes to the way your “My Classes” screen feels on the Brainscape website.  Our engineers have been working hard to make our content management systems more flexible so that you can create collections of flashcards that you are much more proud of studying and sharing with others.

Using this underlying new technology (built in the React javascript framework, for you techies), we have been able to more easily release features allowing you to curate your class in new ways.  For example, we have recently launched these features:

  1. Faster page-load time
  2. Ability to drag & drop decks to re-order them
  3. Ability to copy & place a deck into a different class

And more cool new content management features are on the way.

We’d love to hear what you think about the constantly improving My Classes screen, and about any other content management features that you’d like to see us develop.  Feel free to mention in the Comments below, and thanks as always for your support!

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