Amanda Moritz-Saladino

Amanda is the social marketing manager at Brainscape. She writes for the blog, reaches out to existing and future Brainscape users online, and keeps coming up with reasons why Brainscape is the best learning tool ever. Born and raised in and around Cambridge, Massachusetts, Amanda stayed in the area to receive her bachelor's from MIT in Brain and Cognitives Sciences with a humanities concentration in writing. Anytime of day you'll be able to find Amanda eating food and candy, walking around her new city, and hanging out at the Brainscape office, obviously! Follow her @aemoritz

Four Steps to Managing Stress: Part Four

Guest Series by Kathy McGurk: Congratulations, you have made it to the fourth and final step for managing stress. Good news, in this step you will learn to have fun! In Step 1, you successfully identified the major stressors in your l--- Continue reading

Four Steps to Managing Stress: Part Three

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Memorization – It’s Not a Dirty Word

We have extolled the virtues of rote memorization many times on this blog. From its benefits for your brain to improving your long term retention, memorization is all sorts of awesome. Unfortunately, in recent times, schools and teachers ha--- Continue reading

Placebo Effect to Better Grades

Guest Post by Robert Blakey: Take a sugar capsule which is labelled and marketed as a proven treatment and you may recover from an illness – that’s the traditional placebo effect. Take on the belief that a test’s answers are being di--- Continue reading

Brainscape Takes 6 of the Top 10 Spots in the App Store’s Free Education Apps Chart

Brainscape Takes 6 of the Top 10 Spots in App Store Free Education Apps! Check out this screenshot of the App Store last night. Not only is Brainscape's Learn Spanish App the #1 free educational app in the App Store-- 5 of our other apps r--- Continue reading

Optimize Your Body and Brain for Finals

You may think your planned-down-to-the-second study schedule and a 4-pack of energy drinks are all you need to ace your finals, but have you considered how you can optimize your body as well? The truth is, if you’re not preparing your bod--- Continue reading

Manage Exam Time Stress

The nearer a deadline looms or the closer we get to the date of an important exam (finals week, anyone?), the higher our stress levels rise. Instead of channeling this stress into any kind of productivity, we often only stress more by worry--- Continue reading

How to Control Your Dreams [Infographic]

Sleep and dreaming are two topics we love to discuss on the Brainscape blog. We know that sleep is important for consolidating learning, and, in particular, dreaming's role in learning in memory is huge. I also know that a great dream is so--- Continue reading