Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is the founder & CEO of Brainscape. Before starting Brainscape, Andrew spent nearly a decade developing eLearning solutions for large corporations, U.S. government offices, the United Nations Development Programme, and the World Bank, across four continents. He has a Masters in Education Technology from Columbia University and can be found on Twitter at @acohenNY.

Thank You, Educators

If you follow Brainscape on Twitter, you may have seen that we have been participating in the #ThankaTeacher campaign leading up to Thanksgiving this week. We thought this was such a great global initiative to highlight the amazing work tha--- Continue reading

Brainscape on Android?

One of the most common user questions we get here at Brainscape is "When are you coming out with an Android app?" As you can imagine, it has long pained us not to be reaching this huge user base, as we realize that the number of Android use--- Continue reading

3 Ways to Identify a Good Learner in an Interview

When solving a tough problem at an innovative company, no employee ever knows the right answer from the beginning. New problems require new solutions. The companies that win in the 21st century are the companies whose leaders can adapt, evo--- Continue reading

Apple is now making 20-year bets. It has to.

Over the past few years, Apple haters have delighted in the fact that the company has not released a major new product line since the iPad.  “Apple can’t innovate without Steve Jobs,” the mantra goes.  “They’re dying.” Yet re--- Continue reading

Brainscape Is The Thread That Holds Your Learning Together For Life

America’s current education technology ecosystem suffers a tremendous weakness: Students are constantly forced to switch between learning platforms nearly every year as they progress through K-12, college, and graduate school.  At the be--- Continue reading

How Google Glass could transform education (and Brainscape)

For weeks now, tech news pundits have been speculating about all the possible uses of Google Glass in the real world.  Three main categories of use are being discussed: Utility apps such as text messaging, video, and navigation; Nove--- Continue reading

Every startup should be using Trello for project management

Having come from the worlds of Consulting and Fortune 500 companies, many startup founders have a tough time adopting an agile product management style.  I certainly had this problem when I founded Brainscape a few years ago.  I was so ac--- Continue reading

How much do your students actually study?

As educators, it’s not our job to spoon-feed knowledge into students’ brains. Instead, contrary to the traditional “lecture” model, our job is to help students learn how to become better learners themselves.  Motivating students to--- Continue reading