Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is the founder & CEO of Brainscape. Before starting Brainscape, Andrew spent nearly a decade developing eLearning solutions for large corporations, U.S. government offices, the United Nations Development Programme, and the World Bank, across four continents. He has a Masters in Education Technology from Columbia University and can be found on Twitter at @acohenNY.

Brainscape Pro is coming soon — Here’s how to keep using Brainscape FREE

Over the past few years, Brainscape is proud to have developed a suite of world-class web and mobile study tools based on the latest in cognitive science. Millions of students, teachers, and professionals have used Brainscape to create, sha--- Continue reading

Do Unprofitable Things You Can’t Measure

We live in a ROI-driven society that is obsessed with instant gratification.  Whenever we implement a new product feature, make a pitch to investors, launch a marketing campaign, interview a key job candidate, or make a sales call, we want--- Continue reading

The Future of Studying

The following article by Brainscape Founder and CEO Andrew Cohen was first published on EdTech Digest.  Charlotte Davis couldn’t figure it out. Her Biology lesson plans were fun and engaging. She ran such great lab activities where he--- Continue reading

Brainscape Unleashes 1 Million New Subjects

Over the past few years, Brainscape has emerged as one of the world’s leading web and mobile study platforms. More than 7 million students and teachers so far have used Brainscape to (1) create their own flashcards, (2) find great flash--- Continue reading

The Role of “Drill & Practice” in Education

Over the past several years, the world’s Education thought leaders have increasingly clamored for more collaborative, constructivist, project-based activities in the classroom, at the expense of rote “drill & kill” exercises.  --- Continue reading
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Should You Hire a Software Development Intern at Your Startup?

In my past several years of working with cash-strapped early-stage startups, I’ve seen dozens of non-technical founders hire software development interns to help them get their initial product off the ground.  But in almost no cases ha--- Continue reading

The Most Underrated Recruiting Hack

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