Remember This (As posted in Look At It This Way)

Those of you who follow our blog know that we often discuss tips and tricks for improving your memory, since this is such a vital component of learning and a big part of what we champion here at Brainscape. The following post, which --- Continue reading

Sleep On It! Why you’ll learn better with good sleep

I often find myself cutting back on my sleep when I’m super busy, even though I am a huge fan of catching some z’s. We all pulled our fair share of all-nighters during college, cramming before a big exam. Now that I’m out of schoo--- Continue reading

How Long Should It Take to Learn a Language?

One of our primary areas of interest here at Brainscape is foreign language acquisition.  Our language software programs offer one of the most convenient and effective ways to pick up a new language, and we are always looking for ways to i--- Continue reading

All Work and No Play: Why You Need a Vacation

If you've been following the Brainscape blog for long you've seen the post about the benefits of the study break for one’s retention.  It appears that studying nonstop is actually less productive than taking intermittent breaks.  But wh--- Continue reading

Multilingual are more creative: Sharjah study (As posted in The National)

As an employee at Brainscape and a bit of a language geek, I often feel dissatisfied by the fact that I only speak two languages. In this rapidly globalizing world, it’s extremely important to communicate across cultures, and speaking --- Continue reading

Are Native Speakers True Masters of Their Own Grammar?

I grew up in Miami, and I went to a K-12 school that required foreign language classes for all grade levels.  The only problem was that at the time, the elementary school only offered Spanish classes, and at least half of the school’--- Continue reading

How Multitasking Can Make You LESS Productive

Some people seem to pride themselves on their ability to multitask.  It often comes off as impressive when someone can, for instance, study for a test while talking on the phone, watching television, eating dinner, listening to music, --- Continue reading

Past the Critical Period: Adults Can Still Learn Languages

Have you ever noticed that very young children seem to have no problem picking up multiple languages simultaneously, and yet we as adults seem to struggle with even the most basic verb forms of a foreign tongue? If you have tried to lear--- Continue reading
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