Kaitlin Goodrich

The Origins and History of Flashcards

Almost every student has at some point used flashcards. Compared to other methods of studying, they can be much more useful and easy. In fact, the ease with which flashcards can be made and used have made flashcards one of the first and mos--- Continue reading

How to Stop Procrastinating

Anyone who has ever attempted to slog through a massive project with little motivation knows how difficult it can be to keep going without getting distracted. Even small tasks can be derailed by Facebook and an endless stream of YouTube vid--- Continue reading

What Makes Us Vote the Way We Vote? – The Psychology of Voting

There are many factors that affect our voting decisions. Party affiliation, values, education level, religion, economic status, and many other factors help to swing our vote in any election. To say that a single factor could lead to our--- Continue reading

What Psychological Traits Make a Perfect Politician?

No matter what position you take on the political spectrum, you probably have some deeply held beliefs about politicians as a group. Despite their many differences, politicians share a lot of characteristics. In fact, that may be what s--- Continue reading

The Neuroanatomy of the Human Mind

Due in large part to observations of patients with concentrated head injuries and brain damage, scientists have known that different parts of the human brain are generally responsible for different skills. The frontal lobe is largely re--- Continue reading

The Longest-Serving Members of Congress

As the 540 members of the 114th U.S. Congress settle into their roles, we thought now would be a great time to get to know them better. Despite the fact that these Congress members have served for an average of about 9 years, few of us k--- Continue reading

Which Is Better for Learning: Focused vs Diffuse Thinking?

Ever get really stuck on something while studying? It happens to the best of us from time to time. When we hit that point, it can be difficult to know what to do next. There tend to be two camps in learning experts: those who advise --- Continue reading

The Psychological Mindset for Success

At Brainscape, we are dedicated to helping students better succeed. Part of this, of course, we do by helping students develop the subject-matter skills they need, but we also know that the psychological factors that influence success m--- Continue reading
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