Max Wilbert

The 5 Most-Visited Landmarks in the U.S.

The list of the most-visited U.S. landmarks is somewhat contentious. Many institutions, both public and private, are vying to be crowned as the most popular, and the very definition of what constitutes a landmark seems to vary. For t--- Continue reading

How to Make Conflicts Productive (at Home, Work, or School)

Conflicts are inevitable. They're a fact of life, and sometimes conflicts are actually helpful. They bring up issues that would otherwise lurk beneath the surface, and force couples and groups to process and move beyond problems that might --- Continue reading
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The Startup Mindset

Being part of a startup is a fast-paced, exhilarating experience. No one really knows whether the business is going to make it big or completely collapse. The stakes are high, the challenges keep coming, and opportunities that could change --- Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Study Vocabulary

Vocabulary is either critical or a waste of time, depending on who you listen to. Here at Brainscape, we think vocabulary is important, and so today we're doing our best to convince you that it's true. Without further ado, here are our top --- Continue reading

22 Tips Every College Student Should Know

Heading to college for the first time is crazy. It's completely outside the everyday experience of most 18-year-olds. Most of you will be living away from your family for the first time ever, and will have to face the new challenge of colle--- Continue reading

Best Practices for Being Productive in a Dorm Room

High school tends to be pretty easy for some students, academically speaking. It's relatively simple to coast through high school and be a little bit unprepared for the next step. Things change when you go to college. The course load is hea--- Continue reading

A Crash Course in Music History

Did you know that music has been found in every known human culture? It's true! Music is a constant part of human life, and appreciation for it seems to be built into our nature. Even if you've never formally studied music, learning abou--- Continue reading
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Interesting Words That Don’t Have English Equivalents

One of the fascinating things about studying languages is learning how much power our language has over perceptions and worldview. The people who use a language shape it, but we are also shaped by the languages we use. The vocabulary and st--- Continue reading