Max Wilbert

Best Practices for Being Productive in a Dorm Room

High school tends to be pretty easy for some students, academically speaking. It's relatively simple to coast through high school and be a little bit unprepared for the next step. Things change when you go to college. The course load is hea--- Continue reading

A Crash Course in Music History

Did you know that music has been found in every known human culture? It's true! Music is a constant part of human life, and appreciation for it seems to be built into our nature. Even if you've never formally studied music, learning abou--- Continue reading
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Interesting Words That Don’t Have English Equivalents

One of the fascinating things about studying languages is learning how much power our language has over perceptions and worldview. The people who use a language shape it, but we are also shaped by the languages we use. The vocabulary and st--- Continue reading

Common Cognitive Biases and How to Avoid Them

The science of psychology can give us a lot of insight into our own brains. One of the most interesting discoveries in all of psychology is the research into cognitive biases inside the human mind. These unconscious feelings can cause us to--- Continue reading

“If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water.” – Bruce Lee wisdom

The martial artist Bruce Lee is still famous today, more than 40 years after his death, for his stunning physical speed and strength. Bruce Lee wisdom is known around the world. Some of his footage is still mesmerizing to watch, even in the--- Continue reading

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Perfectionism can be a great thing. Some of us on the Brainscape team fall into the "perfectionist" category. (We'll let you guys guess who!) It can lead people to go above and beyond, create exceptional work, and surpass anything they thou--- Continue reading

Busy Does Not Mean Productive

"I'm just so busy!" "I feel overwhelmed all the time." "I've got a lot going on." "There isn't enough time to get it all done." Sound familiar? We all hear this sort of thing all the time. Heck, you probably say these things yourself. Bu--- Continue reading
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Methods of Effective Note-Taking

At Brainscape we want to be sure that our users have the best information to help them succeed with every aspect of the learning process, including effective note-taking. Have you ever sat through a class, and then on review of your notes l--- Continue reading