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Brainscape Unleashes 1 Million New Subjects

Over the past few years, Brainscape has emerged as one of the world’s leading web and mobile study platforms. More than 7 million students and teachers so far have used Brainscape to (1) create their own flashcards, (2) find great flash--- Continue reading

The 5 Best Apps for Learning Spanish as a Beginner

Wouldn't it be great if, instead of wasting your time trying to get to 2048 or complete all the levels of Candy Crush (the resulting pride is fleeting, trust me), you killed time on your commute learning how to speak Spanish instead? Si, yo--- Continue reading

Brainscape Holiday Language-Learning Sale!

The holidays have given us a great excuse for making Brainscape's awesome language subjects available at a steep discount! If you've always wanted to study more of Brainscape's premium Spanish, French, Chinese, or Latin packages, but have --- Continue reading

December 2014 Development Update

A common theme among users corresponding with us through or Facebook is that they'd love to know more about how Brainscape will continue to evolve. Although we err on the side of caution by not over-promising specifics --- Continue reading

Become a Brainscape Campus Rep!

If you're interested in becoming a campus rep this semester, fill out this quick form. It will only take 2 MINUTES! Don't overthink it -- we just want to start a conversation! [iframe src=" Continue reading

8 Must-Have Phrases for Traveling in Spanish-Speaking Countries

Whether you're traveling to Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, or Peru, knowing some Spanish phrases will be handy. (Using your hands to mime what you want would also literally be handy, but I digress.) There are some things you'll almost def--- Continue reading
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Why You Learn Best in the Zone of Proximal Development

This post was written by Ellen Newman, an adjunct professor of psychology at IE University in Spain. A veteran student and teacher of psychology, having earned a BA in the field from Harvard and a PhD in Developmental Psychology from M--- Continue reading

Think Study Abroad Will Make You Fluent?… Not So Fast!

This article is written by Annie de Saussure, who is a PhD candidate in French at Yale University and a study abroad junkie. She has spent a combined total of almost seven years studying and living in France and completed her undergraduat--- Continue reading