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On Screen with John Katzman, founder of 2Tor

When most people think of online college classes, the first thing that comes to mind is often a "cheaper," more convenient alternative to traditional in-person courses.  The problem with this model is that "cheap" often brings with it --- Continue reading
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On screen with Gagan Biyani, Co-Founder of Udemy

Have you ever wished that you could take an on-demand video course for interesting topics like building a website, starting a company, or doing yoga?  Gagan Biyani has.  That's why he and  co-founder Eren Bali decided to start Udemy, an --- Continue reading

On Screen with Nihal Parthasarathi, Co-Founder of CourseHorse

Finding a one-off course in your city can be a huge pain in the butt.  For all memorable history, if you have ever been interested in learning to cook, program in Ruby on Rails, dance salsa, or do improv monologues in foreign accents, the --- Continue reading

On Screen with Ben Kamens, Lead Developer at Khan Academy

If you work in the world of Education and you haven't been sleeping for the past five years, then you will surely have heard about the amazing stuff that Khan Academy has been doing lately.  It's no longer just an online library of charis--- Continue reading

On Screen with Scott Young – Author of “Learn More, Study Less”

Nobody is born with an understanding of the science of how we learn things most efficiently.  Aside from a few genetic prodigies, the skill of being a fast learner is generally acquired over time, often with a lot of outside coaching. S--- Continue reading

On Screen with Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher

"You can't have excellence in education without global collaboration."  Those were the first words Vicki Davis uttered in a great vinterview I had with her over Skype this afternoon, and they mean a lot coming from her.  Vicki is one of t--- Continue reading

On Screen with Steven Anderson – founder of Web20Classroom blog

One of the educational technologists I've been following most closely on Twitter over the past year has been @web20classroom - a blogger named Steven Anderson who works as an instructional designer for the Winston-Salem, NC school district.--- Continue reading

On screen with Aaron Knight – founder of PhraseMix

Learning a language through short vocab and grammar drills only get you so far.  The types of idiomatic expressions we use in everyday speech simply cannot be illustrated without a bit more situational context. That's where PhraseMix co--- Continue reading