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When Is the Best Time for Your Child to Start Learning a Second Language?

Until the 1990s, many American parents refrained from teaching their young children a second language for fear of confusing them. In fact, as recently as 1999, researchers had published papers claiming that teaching your child a seco--- Continue reading

Senior Superfoods

This post is written by Felicity Dryer, a women's health and senior care journalist. She hopes you find the article and accompanying infographic of use, and encourages you to check out all of the other great resources at Brainscape.  F--- Continue reading
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10 Healthy Habits For Your Brain

Back in March, Lifehack published the following guide to 10 daily tips for keeping your brain sharp, written by productivity and communication expert Kyle Robbins. We really liked Robbins' list and have reposted it here. If you'd like to se--- Continue reading

Why You Learn Best in the Zone of Proximal Development

This post was written by Ellen Newman, an adjunct professor of psychology at IE University in Spain. A veteran student and teacher of psychology, having earned a BA in the field from Harvard and a PhD in Developmental Psychology from M--- Continue reading

How people improve their cognitive functions with Brain Training on

The following is a guest post by Louis Kinsbergen, CEO of Dezzel Media, the creator of BrainGymmer and co-writer and Marketing intern Bram Valkenburg.  Louis (49) is a serial entrepreneur from Amsterdam, Netherlands who worked in the onli--- Continue reading
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Four Steps to Managing Stress: Part Four

Guest Series by Kathy McGurk. Congratulations, you have made it to the fourth and final step for managing stress. Good news, in this step you will learn to have fun! In Step 1, you successfully identified the major stressors in yo--- Continue reading

Four Steps to Managing Stress: Part Three

Guest Series by Kathy McGurk. If you’ve been advancing through the 4-step process to better manage your stress, you have officially made it half way! You have identified the major stressors in your life and begun to avoid the unnec--- Continue reading
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Four Steps to Managing Stress: Part Two

Guest Series by Kathy McGurk: Hopefully after following step 1 of the 4-step process to managing stress, you have adequately pinpointed the real triggers of stress in your life, and are ready to continue moving on in the process. --- Continue reading
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