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What are the four main classifications of tissue?

Epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue and nervous tissue.


Write the following as fractions of a metre: nanometre, millimetre, micrometre, Angstrom unit.

Nanometre = 10^-9 m
Millimetre = 10^-3 m
Micrometre = 10^-6 m
Angstrom unit = 10^-10 m


What is the diameter of the average red blood cell?

7.2um (micrometre).


Define biopsy.

The removal of a s,all piece of tissue from an organ or part of the body for microscopic examination.


What are the six types of biopsy? Give an example of where it'd be used for each.

Smear - cervix or Buccaneers cavity.
Curettage - uterus or endometrial lining.
Needle - brain, breast, liver, kidney or muscle.
Direct incision - skin, mouth or larynx.
Endoscopic - lung, intestine or bladder.
Transvascular - heart or liver.


What two chemicals can be used in fixation of biopsies?

Glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde.


What colour does Haematoxylin stain acidic components?

Purple/ blue.


What colour does eosin stain basic components?



Which is basic and which is acidic of Haematoxylin and eosin.

Haematoxylin is basic and eosin is acidic.


What colour will a nucleus stain under Haematoxylin and eosin staining and why?

Blue because it is acidic so gets stained by Haematoxylin.


What does the periodic-acid Schiff method stain and what colour?

It stains carbohydrates and glycoproteins magenta.


What does Weigert's elastin stain and what colour?

It stains elastic fibres black.


What colour does Elastic Van Gieson stain:
a. Collagen?
b. Elastin?
c. Muscle?

a. Pink/ red
b. Blue/ black
c. Yellow


What is useful about using phase contrast microscopy?

It can be used on unstained, live cells.


When is confocal microscopy used?

When tissues have been labelled with one or more fluorescent probes.nit eliminates out of focus flares from the thick fluorescently labelled specimens.


How is the illumination of the confocal microscope achieved?

Using several focused beams of light across the specimen, creating optical sections which can be put together to form a 3D image.


Define tissue.

A collection of cells specialised to perform a particular function.