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What is meant by the lymphatic system?

Vessels and lymphoid organs that drain tissue fluid from the extracellular space to the circulatory system


What is the composition of lymph?

Transudate fluid, slightly alkaline, contains electrolytes, lymphocytes too. Mostly water


What does the right lymphatic duct drain?

The right side of the: head, neck, and thorax, and the right upper limb


Where does the right lymphatic duct enter the venous system?

The right venous angle
Union of the internal jugular vein and subclavian vein


What does the thoracic duct drain?

It drains everything that isn't drained by the right lymphatic duct


Where does the thoracic duct enter the venous system?

Left venous angle
Union of the left internal jugular vein and left subclavian vein


What is the course of the thoracic duct?

It begins as the cisterna chyll and ascends medially to the azygous vein. It crosses the midline from the right to the left at the transverse thoracic plane


There are superficial and deep lymph nodes. How are they separated from each other?

By the investing layer of the deep cervical fascia


Where is the jugulo-digastric node?
What is the importance of this lymph node?

A.k.a tonsillar node
Lies between the lower body of the mandible and anterior border of the SCM
Often tender and enlarged in infections of the tonsils


Where is the jugulo-omohyoid node?
What is the importance of this lymph node?

Aka lingual
Lies deep the the SCM above the inferior belly of the omohyoid
It is associated with lymphatic drainage of the tongue


Where is the supraclavicular node?
What is the importance of this lymph node?

Found in the posterior triangle of the neck, behind the posterior border of the SCM, they can be enlarge in bronchial and abdominal tumours


What is meant by the tonsils?

Where the mouth and nose enter in to the pharynx, there is a ring of lymph nodes known as Waldeyer's ring. It consists of paired nodes (palatine tonsils and tubal tonsils) and unpaired nodes (pharyngeal tonsil and lingual tonsil)


What is a retropharyngeal abscess?
Give two possible complications

This happens when pus accumulates in the space between the prevertebral fascia and the buccopharyngeal membrane. It must lead to compression of the pharynx and therefore dysphagia and dyarthria


What is meant by lymphadenitis?

Infection of lymph nodes


What is meant by lymphangitis?

Inflammation of the lymph nodes


What is meant by lymphoedema?

Accumulation of lymph within tissues


What is meant by lymphocytosis?

High lymphocyte count from infection, AI and cancer