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Davies rule of 3

passive tests
1. general idea
2. implicate structure
3. corroborate findings


Why would you do tests for intra-articular effusion?

- hx macrotrauma
- c/o stiffness
- swelling
- increased anthropometric measurements


Before doing the intra-articular effusion tests, what do you ned to do?

put a bolster under their knees


Why do you put a bolster under the patient's knees for the intra-articular effusion tests?

If they have effusion, the knee will always seek the 30˚ flexion position


What is one clue that they may have intra-articular effusion?

walking with a toe gait to keep flexed position


If the patient doesn't have intra-articular effusion, what will be the case with gait and position on the table?

- walking fine
- knee will extend all the way


How far does the capsule extend?

- wrist crease on joint line, fingers angled up the thigh
- extends to where the fingers end


Milking test procedure

- patient supine
- knee flexed 30˚ over bolster
- milk fluid from superior part of capsule down to superior pole of patella 3x
- hold it on the 3rd time


Sweeping test

- keep hand in place from milking test
- use other hand to sweep medially and laterally
- 3x each side


What is happening in the sweeping test?

- compressing top
- forcing fluid medially and laterally
- fluid causes tissue to distend/extravasate


ballotment test procedure

- 1 finger on superior pole
- 1 finger on inferior pole
- push straight down and relax 3x


ballotment test: Why should you not take the fingers off the patella?

won't feel the bounce


ballotment test: positive result

feel springy rebound when you push