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What kind of generation do we find in this 18th century?

We find a generation freed from the disturbing passions of the past and not yet troubled with anxieties about a very different future which was soon to be brought upon the scene by the Industrial and the French Revolutions.


So, they had a wonderful near future to enjoy, Isn’t it?

Yes. However, this “Age of Reason” in which all aspects of human behaviour were analysed from a strictly rational point of view contained important contradictions.


Were the French and Industrial Revolutions the only cause of all these changes?

We could also add the cultural framework set by the Illustration movement which harvested the germs of dissidence and the signs of psychological renovation


What were the cultural consequences of all this factors?

The combination of the Industrial and French Revolutions as well as the Illustration movement produced an enormous growth in the publication of political literature. This avalanche of political writing increased the contemporary appetite for regarding matter generally.


So, What are we going to study in this paper?

As we have said, we will analyse the historical context of this age, focussing on the socio-economic and political aspects, which will be related to literature.


What novelists of this time are we going to talk about?

Jonathan Swift


a second novelist …

Samuel Johnson


a third novelist …

Daniel Defoe


a fourth novelist …

Samuel Richardson


and a fifth novelist ..

Henry Fielding.