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what is a megacity

a city with over 10 mil people


why are urban citys changinghow and why are urban areas changin in HIC's

-Urbanisation is still happening but it is low. around 1pc
-this is because develped countires are already urbanised, and older people are moving to rural areas for mare space and peacefullness


how do citys live sustainably

-water conservation schemes
-energy conservation schemes
-increasing green spaces


three reasons why traffic congestion is bad



two ways traffic can be managed

-encouraging public transport use with schemes
-traffic flow management


three traffic flow management techniques

-ring roads
-bus lanes
-congestion charges


location of mumbai and why it is important

-located on the west coast of india
-huge port which exports goods to europe


rural to mumbai push and pull factors (why is the city growning)

-migration from surrounding rural areas
-PUSH farmers suffering from drought
-PUSH low wages
-PUSH lack of schools and hospitals
-PULL better wages and job opportunitites
-PULL more schools and hospitals
-PULL communal spirit


benefits of migration in Mumbai

- highly productive slum (billion dollars a year)
-easy commute
-many places of worship
-opportunitys in leather, pottery, plastic and steel


Challenges of migration in Mumbai

-migrants end up in illegal hosing
-4000 typhoid cases a day as children play in suiage
-500 ppl per toilet
-water available for only 2 hours a day
-overcrowded schools
-population growing faster than the ability to provide services
-trafic congestion leading to dangerous levels of nitrous oxide


urban planning project in mumabi details

-Mumbai resettlement scheme
-owner gets 70pc of slums poplation's permition
people living in the slum since 2000 get a flat with a toilet and water supply


advantages of mumbai resettlement scheme

-lack of govt interventon required
-developers gain money
-slum dwellers get better home with vital supplies


disadvantages of mumbai resettlement scheme

-some slum dwellers become homeless
-loss of communal spirit
-loss of slum busineses


Location of Norwich and why it is important

-10 million tourists per year
-city of literature
-contains a russel group university


Effects of migration on Norwich

-NATIONAL older generation counter the urbanisation of the city
-INTERNATIONAL 14000 migrant students, majority of which are chinease
-18 per 1000 migrants in the UK move to Norwich
-Majority of migrants are eastern european due to blair era
-Students cause rental prices to increase
-Wage drop for semi skilled work
-Migration from London council houses has caused further deprivation


How Urban change has created opportunity in Norwich

-2 large shopping centers
-cultured wave of restaurants
-increase in leisure activities
-urban greening at the UEA


Inequality in Norwich

-Eaton has 10pc council houses where mile cross has 45pc
-17pc of mile cross has level 4 qualifications compared to eatons 48pc
-People in mile cross are more likely to be obese, diabled, mental health problems and premature death
-Air pollution has contributed to 450 deaths in norwich


exmpl of an urban regeneration project in Norwich

-Riverside was an industrial site containing warehouses and a plane factory
-Was ugly
-Was contaminated with chemicals
-Retail park was built
-227 flats and apartments were built
-5 million spent clearing up contaminants
-Entertainment facilities
-Multiplier economical effect as a result