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relating to a disk or a file which is not ready for use and unorganized

unformatted a.


to remove an application from a computer by removing all the files that were added when the application was initially installed

uninstall v.


[C] a power supply that includes a battery to maintain power in case of a power failure

uninterruptible po¬wer supply (UPS) n.


(of a computer or computer system) working and ready for use

up a.


- to change or add to the data in a file in order to make the data current
- [C] a change or addition to a file so that it has the most recent information

update v., n.


- to install or make a new and presumably better version of hardware or software
- [C] a newer, presumably better, version of hardware or software

upgrade v., n.


- to transfer data from your computer to a server
- [C] the data transferred from your computer to a server

upload v., n.


[C] an individual name used to gain access to a computer system, also part of an email address before the @ symbol

username n.


[C] a small helper program that performs a specific routine task, such as examining or copying files

utility n.


existing on a computer or on the Internet, rather than in the real world

virtual a.


relating to memory or storage devices that lose their content when the power is shut off

volatile a.


relating to computer programs and devices

ware combining form


[C] a unique inaudible code inserted into a digital file that identifies the owner or the first person who legally purchased the file

watermark n.


[C] a collaborative construction engine on the Web which allows any user to add and edit content

wiki n.


[C] a symbol that can represent any single or group of numbers or letters in operating systems and applications

wild card n.


[C] a subdivision of a computer display screen, each of which can run a different program or display different data

window n.


[C] a computer visualization of a three-dimensional image showing the outlines of all edges in a transparent drawing

wireframe n.


relating to any computer network where there is no physical wired connection between sender and receiver

wireless a.


[C] a tool within an application that helps you use the application by giving you a series of simple choices

wizard n.


[C] a program or computer that you use for writing letters and other documents

word processor n.


[C] a part of the Internet, featuring a combination of information retrieval and hypertext techniques

World Wide Web (also web) n.


[C] a terminal or personal computer for one person to work at

workstation n.


[C] a program that can make copies of it¬self and destroy information on computers that are connected to each other

worm n.