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___ assume MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY over all matters relating to the fulfillment of the functions within their command.
A. Chief of Police
B. Assistant Chief of Police
C. Chief of Staff
D. Commander

B. Assistant Chief of Police


____ work in conjunction with each other to provide unified direction to the multiple segments of the organization, assisting the Chief in the management of the agency.
A. Commanders
B. Assistant Chiefs
C. LT's
D. Sgts

B. Assistant Chiefs


___ is responsible for the DAILY MANAGEMENT of department operations.
A. Chief of Police
B. Assistant Chief of Police
C. Chief of Staff
D. Staff Commander

C. Chief of Staff


___ is the director of the department and assumes responsibility for the overall management of the organization, authorizes the institution of programs, and guides the department in progressive leadership and technology arenas.
A. Chief of Police
B. Chief of Staff
C. Assistant Chief of Police

A. Chief of Police


___ exercise LINE COMMAND over the employees of their assigned unit and function as the first line supervisory level within the department.
B. Commander
C. Sgt
D. Corporal/Detective

C. Sergeant


____ exercise line command and PROVIDE ADVICE AND GUIDEANCE to those employees assigned to them.
B. Commander
C. Sgt
D. Corporal/Detective



___ exercise line command over the employees assigned to them and assume staff responsibility over matters relating to the operations within their assigned command.
A. Commander
C. Assistant Chief of Police

A. Commander


___ will maintain personnel allocation information.
A. Each region's commander
B. City HR
D. Each region's assistant chief



The principles of ____ ensure efficient supervisions and control within the department.
A. Span of Control
B. Delegated Authority
C. Succession of Command
D. Unity of Command

D. Unity of Command


Unity of Command:

Each employee shall be accountable to one supervisor at any time for a given assignment or responsibility


The number or employees under the immediate management of a single supervisor should not normally exceed ___. What is this called?
A. 7
B. 10
C. 12
D. 15
E. 17

D. 15

Span of Control


Orders from a supervisor to a subordinate will be
A. in clear and understandable language
B. Civil in tone
C. issued pursuant to departmental business
D. only A and C
E. All the above, except D

E. All the above


Employees who are given an otherwise proper order which appears to be in conflict with an existing policy of previous order will
A. Respectfully inform the supervisor issuing the order of the conflict
B. Do the order anyway
C. Obey the first order
D. Not do either order

A. Respectfully inform the supervisor issuing the order of the conflict.


An employee receiving an unlawful order will report that fact in writing to __ by memo through the next-level supervisor in the COC, ASAP.
A. Chief of Police
B. Chief of Staff
C. Assistant Chief of Police
D. Staff Commander

A. Chief of Police


The willful disobedience of, or deliberate refusal to obey any lawful order of a supervisor is ___
A. Stupid
B. Unaccountibility
C. Insubordination
D. non of the above

C. Insubordination


Defying the authority of any supervisor by obvious disrespect, arrogant or disrespectful conduct, ridicule, or challenge to orders issued is considered ___
A. Insubordination
B. Insultive
C. Breach of Contract
D. breach of COC

A. Insubordination


___ may request access to unrestricted records of this department by submitting separate written request for each individual and specifically identified record sought to an authorized employee during normal business hours.
A. Any citizen in Austin
B. Media
C. Any member of the public
D. both B and C

D. any member of the public, including the media


The Public Information Act requires governmental bodies to respond promptly to written requests for information. Promptly means ___ (2 parts to the answer)

as soon as possible under the circumstances and without unreasonable delay.


With the exception of ___, employees shall not release information that has not gone through the open records process and is cleared through the department open records supervisor or department legal advisor.
A. Crash reports
B. PC affidavits
C. Booking photos
D. Insurance information

C. Booking photos


If an attorney general's ruling is requested within ___ days of response to an open records request, the open records supervisor, or their designee, will notify the department legal advisor in order to request a ruling.
A. 30 days
B. 45 days
C. 61 days
D. 81 days

C. 61 days


The three times victim info will not be released

1. victims who have requested their identity be kept confidential
2. victims who are minors
3. victims of certain offenses


3 types of certain reports involving ___ shall not be made public.

1. child abuse/neglect
2. minors and juveniles
3. elder abuse


Requests for peace officer personnel records are deemed confidential and shall not be made public or otherwise released to unauthorized individuals or entities without ___
A. Permission from APD legal
B. Permission from the person
C. Written consent from APD-HR
D. Valid court order

D. Valid court order


Subpoenas for documents or items from the files maintained by Internal Affairs will be directed to ___
A. IA Commander or LT
B. IA Commander
D. IA Commander and LT

A. Commander or LT


Any open records request for IA files will be referred to __
B. Department legal advisor
C. Assistant Chief over IA
D. City legal

B. Department legal advisor


An officer or other employee commits an offense if the officer or employee releases a recording created with a body worn camera without permission of ___.
A. The department
B. Department legal advisor
C. City Legal
D. Chief of Police

A. The department


When submitting a request for BWC, a member of the public is required to provide the following three pieces of information

1. Date and approximate time
2. Specific location where recording occurred
3. Name of one or more persons known to be the subject of the recording.


A BWC recording is ___ and ___ be released to the public if the recording was not required to be made under department orders and does not relate to law enforcement purpose.
A. Confidential and may
B. Not confidential and may
C. Confidential and may not
D. Confidential and may not

C. Confidential and may not


All questions regarding compliance with any subpoena duces tecum shall be promptly referred to ___
A. Department legal advisor
B. City Legal
C. Court Liaison

A. Department legal advisor