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What incidents do Squad units respond to?



How many staff are on Squads, and what positions do they hold?

Squads have 5 members. 2 are Tox medics, each member required to be hazmat/TRT techs.


What are the assignment commitment requirements for Squad members?

Personnel must sign a "Statement of Commitment", agreeing to remain in a Squad position for at least 2 years, and in the program for 4 years (after completing training and certification).


What are the training requirements for the Squad?

-Hazmat and TRT: 200 hrs each
-Special Ops: 10 training sessions @ 3 hrs each (every Mon or Tues)


What functions and truck does the Squad most resemble?

The Ladder.


On fire response, what are the possible functions of the Squad?

-assist interior with search/rescue/fire attack
-assigned ladder functions
-on deck positions
-assist with check extension
-open doors, horizontal vent, lighting


How are new Squads initially dispatched for 3-1 responses?

For 1st 6 months, Squad is dispatched to all 3-1 within 5 miles of their truck (after 6 months, all dispatches will be adjusted).


What capabilities will the Heavy Rescue carry on CAD?

-Heavy Rescue (HR)
-Hazmat (AHT)
-Manpower (MPW)
-Extrication (EXT)


How are Squad/HR dispatched for 1st alarms?

One HR/Squad will be assigned to all 1st alarm assignments (all greater alarms will receive 2 additional).


How many HR will be dispatched on a collapse rescue assignment?

2 HR dispatched.

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