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Who's responsibility is it to maintain maps designed for FD use in map book?

Engineering Dept (also will update maps quarterly).


What is responsibility of BC in charge of mapping?

-updated maps are distributed quickly
-address discrepancies and forward to Engineering Dept.


What are the station captains responsibility concerning maps?

-maps are in books
-map book is in good order
-reporting discrepancies to BC in charge of mapping


How are maps updated?

-3 weeks prior to quarterly update, BC/mapping will give revision list found by field units
-Engineering will update maps and provide copies to BC/mapping
-BC/mapping will distribute


What are the multi-residential map books?

The set includes 2 books: North of Northern and South of Northern.


How are the multi-residential map books identified?

-yellow books
-standardized for each company


What map books are each response unit required to carry?

-1 blue book (phoenix map book)
-2 yellow (Glendale map books)

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