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What does GFD regard a citizen complaint as?

An opportunity to improve customer service.


How will citizen complaints be handled?

They will be resolved quickly and effectively at the lowest level appropriate level.


How are complaints documented by citizens?

On a Citizen Complaint Record Form and forwarded through chain of command to Personnel Chief.


How long will sustained and non-sustained complaints be retained in Personnel Chiefs office?

-sustained complaints will be retained for 5 years
-non sustained complaints will be retained for 2 years


After considering all information from the citizen complaint, what determination will the investigator make?

-unfounded (false facts)
-not sustained (info insufficient to prove or disprove allegations)
-partially sustained (part of allegations are true and related employee's conduct is improper, while part of allegations are false)
-sustained (occurred as alleged)
-exonerated (the act occurred but was justified, lawful and proper)

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