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• Thinkwell Calculus is designed to make learning easier and more entertaining.
• The lecture environment is partitioned into four areas: the video box, the content box, the definition box, and the key idea box.
- Welcome to Thinkwell Calculus, a next generation textbook designed to make learning easy and fun. Video lectures, printable lecture notes, and online quizzes make up the core of Thinkwell Calculus.
- Lecture notes review the material from the videos, complete with key concepts and definitions that you will need to remember.
- The lecture environment is made up of several regions that are used in specific ways. The presenter appears in the video box. Camera angles change to give you the best perspective on whatever Professor Burger is illustrating.
- The concepts of the lecture are presented in the content box as Professor Burger explains them. The content box changes during the course of the lecture. Pieces of information are often color-coded in the content box so you can see relationships more easily.
- Important terms and concepts are defined in the definition box. The definition box uses formal definitions that Professor Burger explains in greater detail during the lecture.
- Finally, the important points of each lecture are summarized in plain English in the key idea box. It is a good idea to review the key idea box before each lecture. Key ideas are highlighted when they are discussed in the video box.

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