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Private dwellings are responsible for more than blank percent of civilian fire deaths annually



We know from past experience of the majority of fires in private dwellings begin?

Below the second-story


Private dwellings suffer from several defects in design and construction that make them uniquely susceptible to the rapid spread of fire. In multistory homes, the most serious of these is?

A lack of an enclosed stairway

The second major problem is the lack of code requirements for interior finishes in these structures


The design of private dwellings does have one thing in it's favor?

Relatively small room size


Private dwellings: the proper position for the first engine is

Just passed the fire building, unless the fire condition dictates putting it elsewhere, to use pre-connected masterstream


Balloon framing: the second floor joist rest on a small board that is notched into the upright two by fours called a

Ledger board


If you arrive on scene to serious cellar fire in an older home, you should suspect the possibility of balloon framing and?

Take steps to cut off the upright spread the fire


A fire in the cellar or basement of a balloon frame house is one of the few cases where blank in a private dwelling will be justified

Roof ventilation


Private dwellings: the first hoseline must go to the seat of the fire via the interior and cut off any threat to?

The interior stair or any sleeping areas in the process


Truck duties in a house fire, the emphasis must be on?

Searching for and removing all occupants


Private dwelling ventilation: generally, if the fire has not extended into the area directly under the roof then blank ventilation will be sufficient

Horizontal window


Early recognition of presents a fire in the attic is crucial. The fire inners he spaces blank must happen

The roof must be opened even if this means calling additional resources to get the job done


Private dwelling vertical ventilation: the stability of the roof plays a key role, determining the need for?

Roof ladders, platform baskets, or aerial letters


Private dwelling vertical ventilation: on blank roofs a power salt maybe used to make the cut

Low pitch roofs 15 to 20°


Private dwelling vertical ventilation: blank roofs the circular saw and chainsaws can be dangerous. Any push or pull from kickback can throw a member off-balance, possibly from the roof. On these roofs, if you can't operate the saw from a basket or of a platform use and axe.

High-pitched roofs


Vertical ventilation private dwellings: you should always bring a pick head axe to the roof in case?

The power saw fails


Private dwelling vertical ventilation: heat rises, so the hole is made as close to the peak as possible to release the greatest amount of hot gases. In most cases, the side of the peak in which the hole should be made is determined by?

The direction of the wind. Making the hole on the downwind side of the peak helps to gases escape


Private dwelling roof ventilation what is the recommended hole size

4 x 4


The blank cut is especially effective on plywood sheathing, where the standard 4 x 4 foot hole will span at least two joist on a 16 inch on center joisted roof

Quick cut


Private dwelling roof ventilation: what is the main advantage of the triangular opening?

The member never has to set foot on the roof