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What is dream analysis?

The process of assigning meaning to dreams, it is a technique used in psychoanalysis


What is our current psychological state influenced by?

The content of and conflict in our unconscious mind


What does dream analysis do to the unconscious mind?

It provides some access


What does the preconscious boundary act as? (Unconscious mind)

A doorway between the unconscious and conscious mind


According to Freud what occurs to the preconscious boundary during sleep?

It weakens


What occurs to the content of the unconscious mind when the preconscious boundary weakens during sleep?

The content bubbles up and emerges in our dreams


What did Freud say dreams are?

The Royal road to the unconscious


What are two advantages of bringing repressed, unconscious thoughts into the conscious mind via dream analysis?

- it is cathartic (gets it off your chest)
- allows the therapist insight helping to interpret your unconscious thoughts, to discuss in depth and give insight into behaviour


Why should dream analysis work according to the childhood experiences assumption?

Traumatic experiences may still be troubling and may appear in our dreams


What may traumatic memories in the unconscious mind relate to?

Current experiences and childhood events


What may these traumatic experiences include?

Breastfeeding issues
Potty training issues
Oedipus/Electra complex


What is the purpose of dreaming according to the tripartite personality assumption?

To express wishes and desires rather than allowing them build up in he unconscious mind


What occurs to the demands and desires of the id during waking hours?

They are relegated to the unconscious mind by ego defence mechanisms


What occurs when ego defence mechanisms are lower? (Tripartite)

The demands of the id emerge in our dreams


To treat a person with mental disorder what must we do?

Access the unconscious mind to resolve the conflict

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