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There are two types of ALSE which align with AFC-30
and AFC-41 guidelines. Who will
determine the equipment type which will dictate the type of support funding. The examples given are not inclusive and are only intended to provide general guidance

Commandant (CG-711) and Commandant (CG-41)

p. 9-1


What are the two types of ALSE equipment?


p. 9-1


Equipment that is individually issued to crewmembers or deployed from the aircraft for rescue such as: Aircrew Dry Coveralls, Flight Suits, Flight Helmets, Flight Jackets, Rescue Swimmer Harnesses, Air Delivery Systems, Dewatering Pumps are procured by whom, managed by whom, and purchased with what funds?

air station procure them with AFC-30 funds and the program is managed by CG-711 with initial ALC assistance.

p. 9-1


Aircraft Equipment that is part of the aircraft configuration or that is
listed in the Coast Guard Air Operations Manual, COMDTINST M3710.1 (series), as the minimum required rescue/survival equipment for the aircraft type such as : Rescue Litters, Rescue Baskets, Oxygen Masks, Aircrew Life Rafts, Survival Vests, Personnel Parachutes are afforded by whom, by what funds, and managed by whom?

they are afforded with AFC-41 funds from ALC provided as free issue and managed by CG-711 with initial and follow up funding. ALC is responsible for acquisition, implementation, storage, issue,
technical support, modification, and superseding equipment.

p. 9-1


What is ALSE funded by

ALSE is funded by both AFC-30 and
AFC-41 as outlined in the Financial Resource Management Manual (FRMM),
COMDTINST M7100.3 (series).

p. 9-1


Who manages AFC-30 and AFC-41 funds

Program Manager, Commandant CG-41D



What is the precedence of directives

1. Asset Computerized Maintenance System (ACMS)
2. Coast Guard TOs
3. Air Force TOs
4. Navy TOs
5. Army TOs
6. Commercial Publications
NOTE: Air Force publications have precedence over Navy andcommercial publications for general procedures thatare non-aircraft specific.



What takes precedence over CGTOs

NOTE: When conflict of information exists, ACMS MPCs shall take precedence over CGTOs, which take precedence over other DoD publications.



What part of the TCTO number is the amendment number

The last number. Example: the third amendment to TCTO 972020 would be TCTO 972023.



The status of TCTO accomplishment must be a primary concern of all _______

Engineering Officers



How long shall be completed MPCs be retained

90 days