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biliary stystem - structure ?

--> common bile duct ( also cystic duct to gallbladder)
--> combine with main pancreatic duct at ampulla of Vater --> sphincter of Oddi


Gallstones that reach the confluence of the common bile and pancreatic duct at the ampula --> ( results and mechanism)

block both common bile duct (--> cholangitis) and pancreatic duct ( --> pancreatitis)
double duct sign


tumors that arise in head of pancreas usually

ductal adenocarcinoma
obstruction of common bile duct --. painless jaundice


• A patient has RUQ abdominal pain and a stone obstructing the common bile duct (CBD). Which two biliary ducts drain directly into the CBD?

The cystic duct and common hepatic duct


• Bile passes through this sphincter to enter the duodenum.

The sphincter of Oddi


• A patient has a colicky abdominal pain with elevated amylase, lipase, and alkaline phosphatase. What structure has become involved?

Ampulla of Vater (this is a gallstone that is now obstructing both biliary and pancreatic ducts)


• An elderly man presents with jaundice, weight loss, and RUQ pain. His transaminases are elevated. Where might a pancreatic tumor be located?

The head of the pancreas (a tumor in the head of the pancreas can present with jaundice, as it obstructs the common bile duct)

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