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What is a homogenous equilibria?

It contains all equilibrium species in the same state


What is a heterogeneous equilibria?

It contains equilibrium species in different states


What states does Kc deal with?

Gaseous or aqueous


Why does Kc only deal with gaseous and aqueous?

The concentrations of solids and liquids remain essentially constant


Give an example of Kc be obtained from experimental results?

- Mix equal moles of carboxylic acid and alcohol with half moles of HCl as a catalyst in a flask
- add the same moles of HCl to another flask as a control
- stopper flasks and leave for a weak to reach equilibrium
- carry out titration of mixture with a standard solution of NaOH and repeat with control to determine the amount of acid catalyst used
- determine equilibrium amount of carboxylic acid (mol control - mol eq)
- determine equilibrium amounts of each component from equation
- find concentrations and then Kc