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What were 4 key historical facts about the 19th century?

- Working class masses were becoming increasingly impoverished.
- Revolutionary scientific discoveries (Darwin on evolution.)
- First wave feminism about legal rights.
- Divisions amongst classes were widening.


What were the key poetry movements/styles/influences in the 19th century?

- Lyric poetry emerged as a principle poetic form.
- Fin de siécle (end of 19th century).
- Romanticism.
- Gothic literature.


What was Fin de siécle?

- Pessimism.
- Cynicism.
- Ennui.


What were ideas about familial relations in the 18th century?

- Industrialisation led to a dramatic increase in poverty, abuse of women and children, child labour and prostitution.
- Drift from rural and village-based family life.
- Education Act 1870 made it available to all.