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Common knee conditions

1. Unhappy triad
2. Prepatellar bursitis
3. Baker cyst


Baker cyst?

popliteal fluid collection in gastrocnemius - semimembranosus bursa commonly communicating with synovial space and related to chronic joint disease


Baker cyst is commonly related to

chronic joint disease


prepateral bursitis is also called / definition

Housemaid's knee
inflammation of knee's largest sac of synovial fluid


prepareal bursitis - can be caused by

1, repeated trauma
2. pressure from extensive kneeling


Unhappy triad -presents with

acute knee pain and signs of joint injury / insapptability


Unhappy triad - common in ( why)

contact sports due to lateral force applied to a planted leg


Unhappy triad - problem ?

classically consists of damage to
1. anterior cruciate ligament
2. Medial collateral ligament
3. medial meniscus


most common injury - ligament ?

lateral meniscus


extensive kneeling can cause --> ... (at the knee)

prepatellar bursitis


chronic joint disease can cause ---> ... (at the knee)

Baker cyst


Common injury of the knee at contact sports -->

Unhappy triad


• A man with a knee injury has medial meniscus damage and a positive anterior drawer sign. From which side was force applied to the knee?

This is likely the unhappy triad with ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus damage, due to lateral force being applied to a planted leg


• The knee of a young soccer player is struck laterally, and now the tibia can be displaced anteriorly. Which knee structures were injured?

The ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus (this is the unhappy triad)


• A cleaner is constantly scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees. She has knee pain. What is the most likely cause of the pain?

Prepatellar bursitis, which can be caused by repeat trauma or pressure from extensive kneeling


• In the unhappy triad of knee injury, the ____ (medial/lateral) meniscus is more commonly injured.

Lateral (despite the triad classically involving the medial meniscus)

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