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Contemporary notions of "calling"

- Full-time ministry/Vocational ministry
- Broader: they may respond with their job
- Religious Vocation


Functional notion of "calling"

- Seeking direction in big life decisions.
"Is God calling me to..."


Affective-Intuitive notion of "calling"

- Places the impetus on the person to figure out what God's calling is.
- "God has good things for you, if you don't do your part in finding it, you may miss out on God's calling"
- Dangerous notion of calling


Effectual calling

- God has called you for salvation


How does the Bible talk about calling?

1. Calling as an activity
2. Calling as a concept


Calling as an activity

1. God does the calling
- God calls a person into a relationship or an identity
- Ethic inherent in the calling (for peace, purity, holiness)
- Vocation associated, not separated from the relationship

2. A human does the calling
- Naming
- Summoning


Calling as a concept

- the language of calling is never used in terms of a vocation
- it is a reality that exists as a result of God calling you to himself


What do we mean by calling?

1. Personal (caller/calling/called)
- That it is not something you must find. If you have him, you have the calling.

2. Relational
- you are called by God into a relationship with him

3. Identity
- identity in Christ is analogous to the identity in the escathon

4. Informs Vocation
- Calling is your identity in Christ, that identity informs your vocation



Your calling is consistency to Christ as his holy person in the community of the saints to live out a righteous and pure life in whatever aspect of life you are engaging. In that sense, your calling never changes.