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Who is responsible
for maintaining this document.

The Deputy Chief, Operations Bureau, or his/her designee


Who is responsible for all search activities related to lost and/or trapped firefighters?

The Rescue Group Supervisor



Emergency Escape Breathing Support System.



A rope used as a form of communication between firefighters assigned to a search and as a guide for moving between locations.


A RIC shall consist of a minimum of?

A RIC shall consist of a minimum of three (3) personnel.


What policy number is Rapid Intervention Crew(s)

2022 fire operations


The primary objectives of the RIC is to take rapid action to?

a. Find the victim(s) location.
b. Mark the victim(s) location.
c. Improve survivability chances by--
i. Providing air to the victim(s).
ii. Creating a defendable space around the victim(s).


The Incident Commander shall Conduct a PAR from all companies operating on the fireground to ascertain what

i. Who is lost/trapped? How many?
ii. What was the last assignment(s) of the firefighter(s)?
iii. What was the last known location of the firefighter(s)?
iv. What is the description of their surroundings?
v. What is their situation (e.g., low on air, trapped, injured, lost)?


The RIC shall select the rescue tools and equipment according to the needs of the particular incident along with?

In addition, personnel assigned to the RIC shall obtain the two (2) RIC
equipment bags and a thermal imaging camera (TIC) from Battalion 1, 2, or 3.


An identical complement of RIC equipment is carried on?

Safety Lieutenant vehicle 142 if needed for expanded RIC operations.


The large RIC bag shall contain?

a. SCBA cylinder with regulator and transfill capabilities.
b. Extra SCBA facepieces.
c. 100 feet of lifeline with carabineer and deployment bag.
d. Nomex SCBA cylinder wraps for RIC identification.


The smaller RIC bag shall contain these items?

-Chemical light sticks
-Aluminized fire blanket
-Wooden wedges
-Lifeline bag
-Duct tape
-Wire cutters
-Medic scissors
-Shortcut and keyhole hand saws with metal and wood blades
-Laminated RIC checklists
-RIC tarp


additional tools and equipment shall be designated for use by the RIC by

placing a tarp or salvage cover with traffic cones placed on the corners to signify that this equipment was gathered and secured by the RIC for their exclusive use.


Upon activation, RIC personnel shall mark?

all RIC equipment and tools in use, including SCBA cylinders, by affixing activated chemical light sticks to them with duct tape.


Personnel assigned to the RIC shall monitor?

the assigned tactical channel and direct Channel 15 radio frequencies to keep informed about:
a. Potential hazards or changing conditions.
b. RIC activation.
c. Calls for help by firefighters.


The assigned radio designation or call sign for the RIC shall be?

the assigned crew’s unit designator (e.g., Engine 9) unless otherwise designated by the Incident Commander.


The Incident Commander has the following options for radio communications with lost/trapped firefighters?

a. The lost/trapped firefighter(s) and the RIC/Rescue Group remain on the same tactical channel as the remainder of on scene personnel.
b. The lost/trapped firefighter(s) and RIC/Rescue Group are moved to another tactical channel.
c. The remainder of on scene personnel are moved to another tactical channel.


For searches involving lost/trapped firefighters with no known last
location, the order of searching shall be?

a. Search along the interior of the exterior walls.
b. Search interior corridors.
c. Search individual rooms.


When encountering doors during the search, RIC personnel shall?

a. Block doors in the open position unless it would create adverse fire conditions.
b. Unlock or force open locked doors.
c. Close open doors temporarily when fire conditions are in close proximity to the search area.


What does AWARE stand for?

(Air, Water, A Radio, Extrication)


After the Rescue in addition to conducting a PAR and re-addressing the IAP the Incident Commander shall?

a. Replace the original on-scene crews involved in the firefighter rescue with relief personnel as soon as possible.
b. Consider having the original on-scene personnel leave the scene for defusing or Stress Management Awareness Response Team
(SMART) intervention.

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