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Electricity always seeks its lowest level or ground. It will travel any path it can as it seeks a ground. A direct path to ground is when _______.

Contact is made between something energized and a portion of your body


When does an indirect path to ground happen?

When you are holding something or touching an object that is in contact with something energized


What could indicate step potential?

Tingling sensation in the feet


Electrical equipments is classified as what three things?


Deenergized (cannot be 100% guaranteed)

Dead (confirmed by utility representative after grounding lines)


Use caution when spraying water on or around energized electrical equipment. Hose streams conduct current! Never spray directly into the power lines. Use a fog spray at the base of the pole. Your primary responsibility is ________.

To protect the surrounding area


When power lines are down, they will energize the ground around them. For example: point of ground contact could be 7160 V. This voltage will lessen as it radiates out from this point; for example ______ volts.



How can lines be reset and become hot or energized again?

By manual operation of a switch

By automatic re-closing methods

By induction, where a deenergize line can become hot if it's near an energize line

Through backfeed conditions


Power lines tend to have "reel memory" which means what?

It may curl back or roll on itself when down


Hose streams conduct current, never spray directly into power lines. How should you apply water if necessary?

Fog spray at the base of the pole


What are dangers of PCB hazards?

Smoke potentially fatal

Avoid and contain pools of oil around transformers


In periods of high activity the company officer may choose to what while waiting for the utility company?

Leave one crewmember on scene

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