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What were 6 key historical facts about the 20th century?

- WW1&WW2
- Second Wave Feminism (60s-80s) revolved around workplace and reproductive rights.
- Third Wave Feminism (90s-Present) Questions traditional notions of gender, identity and sexuality.
- Psychoanalysis
- Breakdown of British Empire by 1960s.
- 1960s Divorce is made easier, abortion legalised and free contraception available.


What is Psychoanalysis?

- The influence of the unconscious, repressed desires shape thought, trauma and childhood experiences impact later life.


What are ideas about love and relationships is the 20th century>

- Liberalisation of attitudes regarding love (same sex relationships, divorce and abortion)
- Cynical attitudes (short-term view of relationships.)
- Sex within relationships become a less taboo topic and is considered an important aspect of marriage.


What were the key poetry movements/styles/influences of the 20th century?

- Age of Anxiety.
- Spiritual alienation.
- Experimental writing.
- Modernism.
- Post-modernism.


What was the Age of Anxiety ?

- Despite prosperity, the shadow of war causes disillusionment.


What is Modernism?

- 1901-1945.
- Experimentation.
- Focus on the inner self.


What is Post-modernism?

- Alienation.
- Fragmentation.
- reader has to reconstruct.


What were ideas about familial relations in the 20th century?

- Contraception changes the ability to decide whether to have a child (no longer an expectation).
- Working mothers.
- In parent-child relationships there is less focus on discipline and more on individual freedom.
- Fragmentation of conventional family structure (nuclear family).