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Catalyst definition

A catalyst increases the rate of reaction by providing a route of lower lower activation energy.

The catalyst also has to remain chemically unchanged through the experiment


How does increasing concentration increase rate of reaction?

More particles so they are on average closer together so there is more chance of the particles colliding.
More successful collisions


How does increasing temperature increase rate of reaction?

Particles have more kinetic energy so move faster. There is a greater chance of colliding.
More molecules have energy greater than the activation energy so there are more successful collisions.


What must particles do to react?

Collide in the right orientation and have energy greater than the activation energy.


How will increasing the temp affect the maxwell-Boltzmann distribution curve?

Moves it right and the peak is lower. Total area under the curve remains the same.


Do larger particles increase rate of reaction and why?

They don't because smaller particles have a larger surface area
More surfaces to react off
Increases frequency of reaction


How does pressure increase rate of reaction?

The molecules are in a closer space
Frequency of collisions increases as there are more chances that the particles will collide.


What is collision frequency

Number of particle collisions per unit of time


What is collision energy

The combined energy of the particles needed to have a successful collision


Do you have to increase the temperature a lot to greatly increase the rate of reaction?

No because a lot of particles will be close to the activation energy so a little push will put a lot of the particles over the activation energy


Explain why the line on the maxwell boltzman distribution graph starts at the origin

Because no particles have zero energy


What does the Y axis on the maxwell boltzman distribution show

Fraction of molecules with energy


What does the X axis on the maxwell boltzman distribution show



Why does the area beneath the curve in the maxwell boltzman distribution remain the same for each temperature

Because the area beneath the curve represents the total number of particles, which remains the same regardless of temperature.


What is the activation energy

The minimum energy required for a successful collision


How does a lower temperature affect the Maxwell Boltzman curve

The curve moves to the left and it's peak is higher


On a Maxwell Boltzmann distribution what does Ea mean

Activation energy


Where on the curve of the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution is the most probable energy

At the peak of the curve


On the curve of the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution the most probable energy is always __________ than the average energy



What information does the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution provide

The distribution of energy amongst particles