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Iron Absorbed

Absorbed as Fe2+ in duodenum.


Folate Absorbed

Absorbed in small bowel.


B12 Absorbed

Absorbed in terminal ileum along with bile
salts, requires intrinsic factor.


• Iron is absorbed as this ionized form mainly in this part of the small intestine.

Fe2+ is absorbed in the duodenum


• Folate is mainly absorbed in these parts of the small intestine.

Jejunum and ileum


• A patient has resection of the ileum as part of surgery for Crohn disease. For which vitamin deficiency might he be at risk?

Vitamin B12 (absorbed in the ileum while bound to intrinsic factor)


• A patient has severe Crohn disease requiring an extensive colectomy. Which vitamins/minerals is he at risk for deficiency?

Iron, Folate, and vitamin B12 are absorbed in the small bowel (think Iron Fist, Bro)

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